In order to provide each couple with the best care and attention, I only commit to a limited number of weddings each year. Mink Photography offers prearranged wedding collections to ensure you get everything you need to document your entire love story from your engagement to wedding day; starting at $4700.



Every wedding is as unique as your love and I can also tailor specialized collections for my couples. I'd be honored to work together to create your perfect wedding and engagement photography! 



begin at $4700 and include:

- Engagement session

- At least 8 hours of coverage 

- Two professional photographers (myself and one of my trained photographers)

- Private, online gallery of images that are adjusted individually for color, white balance, and sharpened for printing 

- Downloading and printing rights

Please contact me for more wedding collection information and to get started! 




Are you visiting from out of town or don't have a date booked yet? Mink Photography offers ala carte engagement sessions!  Engagement sessions include up to an hour and a half of shooting, your choice of location (or two!), an outfit change, edited digital negatives, and a secure, private, online gallery where your photographs will be available for download.

*Permit fees not included, varies by location



Q: Why choose Mink Photography?

A: Every wedding I am commissioned for, I treat as if it were my own. I provide a personal experience for all of my couples and will be with you every step of the way! I am also completely trained in every aspect of photography and, specifically, wedding photography. I started my photography adventure as a fine art photography student in 2009. Through school I learned all the technical aspects of shooting, post production, and really tuned into my creative abilities. After graduation, I moved to California with my family to pursue my passion and have loved every second. You can rest easy before your wedding knowing that your special day and images are in the best hands possible. 

Q: Have you been published or featured in popular wedding blogs or social media?

A: I am so proud to say YES! Mink Photography has been featured in many popular wedding blogs! To check out where my work has been published click here

Q: How would you describe your particular style?

A: I consider my style to be natural, timeless, and romantic. It's also candid and fun but with styling and direction. I look for moments, details, and the best light, all while paying close attention to what I'm capturing within a scene. I tend to stay away from stiff posing and really focus on interaction. Don't get me wrong, I will "pose" you but I give more actions rather than posing, but that is how I capture all of those "candid style" images. In post production, I will never over process your images. I like a clean, light, style which is why I choose to be a hybrid photographer.

Q: What is a hybrid photographer?

A: Hybrid photographers shoot in both film and digital mediums. Film provides gorgeous, timeless, colors while digital is reliable and fast. The combination of the two mediums together makes for an amazing end result. I shoot lots of film on a wedding day and on the engagement session. Once I get the film images back, I then match the digital images to the film for a final cohesive gallery. As my client, you get the best of both worlds!

Q: What are some steps you take over the course of our wedding planning?

A: I absolutely love planning, I've always been very organized and make lists for just about everything! For your specific wedding day there are steps I take to ensure that your photography will run smoothly. This way you can relax and enjoy your day while we capture it. First, I schedule an initial meeting or phone call after you've contacted me. This way we can chat over coffee and get acquainted as we talk about your fabulous wedding plans! After we meet and you've chosen me to capture your special day, we will then schedule your engagement session. Four weeks before your big day I will send you a timeline and a wedding day questionnaire to fill out so we can finalize your personal shot list of family members and tell me anything I'll need to know. I will bring the family shot list and timeline with me on your wedding day to stay on track so we don't miss a moment! Over the course of your wedding planning I will be available at anytime to discuss ANYTHING you may need or if you have questions, I'm always there to help out! 

Q: How many images will receive from our wedding day?

A: I deliver around 75 images per hour. All wedding collections include at least 8 hours of coverage so I am able to tell the entire story! This means you will have roughly 600 high resolution, professionally edited images in your gallery. For engagement sessions, you can expect 50-60 high resolution, professionally edited images in your gallery.

Q: Can I have my unedited images?

A: Oh goodness no! I mean this in the best way possible! I believe in delivering the absolute best to all of my couples. When you hire Mink Photography, it means that you are hiring an artistic vision that you love, professional post production skills, and the Mink Photography style. I can promise the only images that will not be in your gallery will be duplicates, blurred images, lighting test shots, and images where someone is blinking or walking in front of me :) You'll have all of your best images and major moments in your gallery! I don't leave anything out! 

Q: Are you licensed and have liability insurance?

A: Yes yes and yes! If a venue or wedding coordinator needs verification I will be more than happy to show them!

Q: How far in advance should I book your services and how do we book?

A: I suggest 6-12 months in advance, or as soon as you know the your date and venue. I only accept a limited number of weddings each year to provide my couples with the best care attention. I will always let you know right away if I am personally available for your date! To check out a list of venues I've photographed at click here! To officially book your date I require a 40% retainer and signed contract.

Q: Where are you based and do you travel?

A: I am based in beautiful Orange County, California and LOVE to travel! Whether you are getting married in OC, LA, SD, NorCal or anywhere else in the world, I am passport ready to go. Travel for any wedding day is free within OC, LA, and SD. Travel fees may apply for engagement sessions outside of OC.

Q: When will I receive my photos?

A: Please allow up to 7 weeks for a full wedding gallery and 4 weeks for a full engagement gallery. I go through every single photograph, choose the best of the best, and carefully adjust them individually for color, white balance, and sharpen for printing. 

Q: How can I receive my photographs?

A: Your photos will be available for download from a secure, password protected, online gallery. From your online gallery you can also purchase professional lustre prints and fine art canvases. Depending on which collection you choose for your big day, Mink Photography offers fine art albums and books, crafted by hand, from our exclusive album provider. 

Q: Can I share my images online?

A: Absolutely! I believe sharing is caring. Part of the wedding experience is sharing memories with family and friends, so please feel free to share any of your images or images off of our blog/social media from your wedding day and sneak peeks. All I ask, is that a link or tag be provided to give proper credit to Mink Photography and absolutely no Instagram filtering.

Q: Do you work with a second photographer?

A: Yes! Every wedding collection includes a second photographer, so you'll have even more coverage, different angles, and no moment will go undocumented! Every one of our second photographers share the same love for wedding photography as I do, in a similar style. All images will be professionally edited by me. 

Q: How Does An Engagement Session Work? 

A: The very first thing we take care of is the date and location. This location can be anywhere! 

We will meet at your pre-determined location and take a walk, stopping along the way to photograph. While I do set you in "poses", they are really just a guide to interact with each other. My way of photographing is quite simple, I want to portray how you are as a couple and have a great time. I want you two to comfortably interact with each other and share lots of real moments throughout the shoot. While I do shoot in some amazing locations and beautiful scenes, the interactions and moments are all your own. The most important aspect that I emphasize on is movement. It's how I get those great candid style images. 

Q: How Do We Pick A Location?

A: This is really up to you! Many couples like to choose a spot that is a part of their history. Such as, where they first met, had their first date, or even where you got engaged. If you don't have a specific "spot", then choose somewhere you'll feel comfortable, that you love going to! If you have a specific location in mind, please let me know. I love hearing all of your ideas, and creating an engagement session that replicates your style as a couple. I do recommend scheduling a session during the week due do lack of crowds and tourists. I also suggest starting our session two hours before sunset so we will have the best light. Check out some of my favorite locations here.

Q: What Is Included In An Engagement Session?

A: Engagement sessions include up to one and a half hours of shooting, two outfits, and one or two locations, this way you have lots of variety in your photographs! You will also receive a private online gallery where you can easily share and download your high resolution, professionally edited images.

Q: I saw a bunch of poses on Pinterest, can you recreate my engagement board?

A: Pinterest is AMAZING. So many ideas and inspirations can be great for wedding planning, however, let's make your shoot your own! As Mark Twain said it best, "Comparison is the death of joy." Often times on Pinterest, what you see is a specific moment created by a couple in a certain location, in certain outfits, in a certain light. I think it is great to look over these ideas and focus on how couples interact in their images and what they are wearing but your shoot will be all your own!