Intimate Park Wedding In Long Beach

I had the honor of photographing Lisa and Joe's big day in Long Beach, you will not believe their wedding story! Lisa and Joe are such wonderful people, and they know how to turn any situation into a positive one. Lisa contacted me about a week before her wedding, which is unheard of when booking vendors. She explained to me that her wedding was supposed to be in Santa Barbara but her venue double booked them and they had to frantically create all new wedding plans in about a week. Luckily I was available to help out and photograph her wedding for a few hours, I could not wait to meet the people who literally planned their wedding in only one week. Not only did their special day have to come together quickly, but Joe had gotten severely injured at work and was hospitalized a few days before their wedding. Let's just go ahead and say it, "the odds were against them". 

Between getting "kicked out" of their venue and a hospital visit I can't believe how well these two handled everything. After being together for around eight years now they just wanted to be married. Lisa and Joe remained positive and their big day was so emotional and intimate, I was so honored to capture these moments. 

A big part of the wedding was focused on Lisa's son Jude and them becoming one family. Lisa emphasized that Jude would be there to take photos with them during the bride + groom portrait session so they could have these photographs to remember the day that they all joined as one. We started at the hotel where Lisa, Joe, and Jude got ready. Something new happened that I hadn't seen yet, Lisa had to get Joe ready because of his injury but this made for some really fun photographs! After Lisa got Joe ready, him and Jude went downstairs and waited for Lisa to get ready. We all met down in the hotel lobby for a first look then walked around the Shoreline Village in Long Beach. This is a great location for photography because of the water, Queen Mary backdrop, and lighthouse.

Once we finished exploring Shoreline Village, we headed over to Paramount, CA for their ceremony which took place at Progress Park. The park was very quaint and great for a small ceremony. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Jude walked his mother down the aisle, and it was a very emotional moment for him. Towards the end of the ceremony the three of them participated in a sand ceremony where the colors of sand mixed together to symbolize them as a family. 

Congratulations to Lisa, Joe, and Jude!  

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