Hummingbird Nest Ranch | Simi Valley, CA | Lindsey + Tony

About half an hour’s drive outside Los Angeles lies one of the area’s best-kept
secrets. Filled with olive trees, bubbling fountains and sunshine, spending time at
The Hummingbird Nest Ranch feels less like being a short drive from a bustling city
and more like embarking on a Mediterranean vacation. Snuggled into a canyon in
the Santa Susana Mountains, the future wedding venue of one of my favorite couples
was the perfect location to visit a few months before the wedding for their
engagement session.

Surrounding by stunning Spanish-inspired architecture and a wide variety of
landscapes, from rocky desert to lush, green lawns, it is hard not to find inspiration
around every corner. A wall covered in red blooming vines was the perfect
backdrop for more close up, intimate shots, while the cliffs just outside the ranch
itself couldn’t be more spectacular for those wide, sweeping vistas.
But it was the love between Lindsey and Tony that made this a shoot to remember.
Laughter was always just a split-second away and their brilliant smiles glowed in
the SoCal sun. The dresses Lindsey carefully selected for the shoot also made for
magnificent images. Her layered dusty lilac gown, complete with matching ribbons
for her bouquet, created a fun movement in the photographs as she walked and
spun, while the her white maxi dress, covered top to bottom in intricate detailing,
carried with it an elegance and sophistication.


 Photographing Lindsey and Tony made for a wonderful afternoon in
the Santa Susana Mountains, check out some of my favorite images from their engagement
session below!

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