September 2018 Mentoring Session - Laguna Beach

September 2018 Mentoring Session - Laguna Beach

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Hi Friends!

It’s time for another small group mentoring session and this time we’re heading to the beach!

This particular session I want us to tackle the beach head on, why? Because it’s one of the toughest places for a photographer to shoot. It’s so bright up until the sun is just about to drop below the horizon, not to mention that pesky lens flare that us film shooters have to be extremely careful about. I want you to have the confidence to shoot in these tough situations - practice makes perfect, amiright? Also, it is strongly encouraged that you shoot film since I do shoot film only at my engagement sessions.

I’ll be bringing four photographers along with me for a real engagement session with one of my couples. Not only will you be conquering the art of shooting in harsh light, shooting film after the sun drops, and how I work with different lighting scenarios, you’ll also see exactly how I approach an engagement session and how I interact with my couples.

The session will be on September 14th beginning at 5:00pm and we will shoot until 7:00pm. Afterwards, we will have a Q+A session down in Laguna Beach (so we can have some fun too!)

I am still determining the final location for both the shoot and the Q+A but we will be in Laguna Beach for the entire session - most of the beaches down there look very similar, I’m just waiting on my couple to see if they can get us into their parents neighborhood/private beach of Three Arch Bay.

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