Greystone Mansion // Group Mentoring Session // April 26th, 2018

Greystone Mansion // Group Mentoring Session // April 26th, 2018

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It's time for another group mentoring session! I'm so excited because these smaller group sessions are an amazing opportunity to learn and grow together, all while adding stunning images to your portfolio!

The mentoring session will take place at the stunning Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills on April 26th from 11:30-5:30. 

I’m especially thrilled for this one because we will be photographing a real (gorgeous!) couple for a full two hours on the property. One of my goals for this particular session is to help with posing, talking to your subject as you shoot, creating authentic moments, how to approach portraits on a wedding day to give your couples variety and images that they love even in a time crunch.

The day will start with a group Q+A session that will last about 2 hours. Prior to the session, I'll prompt you to send me 3 topics that you’d like help with in your business. It can be about anything! I want you to really dive deep and think about what’s working for you and what you think you could improve on. I really love doing it this way because there are so many questions that photographers have and it helps me address exactly what you need to learn so you can leave feeling like you learned what you needed! When it comes to group discussions, I truly believe in learning from each other in our photography community! Besides, someone may even have a question that you might not have thought about :) And of course I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips for business - apps I love, staying organized, workflow, pricing strategies, profit and more! 

Because I want to keep the costs down for you as much as I can, I have decided to host the two hour Q+A and small details off of the property near by - I’m still searching for the right spot but will keep all attendees posted on the location of our Q+A session. 

The day will unfold like this: 

11:30-1:30 - Q+A/teaching 

1:30-2:10 - break 

2:15-3:15 - small details, calligraphy invite suite, shoes, rings, loose floral, styling tips for a wedding day 

3:30-5:30 - photographing a real couple in bridal attire, various locations

Since I do shoot hybrid, it is suggested that you are as well or show interest in film. Many questions that I’m asked and will address are geared towards incorporating film into my business, mixing it with digital, and shooting conditions for film/what to look for while shooting film. It’s important that even if you’re not shooting film that you are interested in it so that you’ll benefit from this mentoring session to its fullest! If you don’t have a film camera, I will have one 35mm and one medium format film camera for use at the session - you’ll just be responsible for buying film! If you’d like to use the camera I have please let me know and I can tell you what film to buy! 

The session will be maxed out at 6 photographers to ensure everyone gets enough time to shoot and ask questions. From 3/12-3/31 spots will be $400/each and  4/1-4/25 spots will be $450/each. 

I'd love for you to join me at Greystone Mansion! Please let me know if you have any questions about the session, I'm always happy to help! 

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