San Juan Capistrano Flower Field Anniversary Session


It’s no secret that I love an epic location and more often than not, they include long drives, traffic, and major planning. However, this one happened to come together in a week and was right here in Orange County, CA! Every year (as long as there is rain!), in San Juan Capistrano, we get a blooming field of yellow flowers to celebrate Spring and color! Seeing as this is the rainiest it has been since moving to Southern California five years ago, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to shoot in this epically bloomed location.

This particular shoot was decided just days before it happened, when my friends (and past couple) came over to our house and I convinced them to dress up for me. Victoria quickly grabbed one of her wedding dresses and Matt dressed in a simple light blue button up to compliment the yellow flowers. Once that was decided, my friend Maher, the one who designs every shoot for me, and master of all things floral agreed to come along with a bouquet and he even found a cute hat!

If you get a chance to take photos here, you must do it! It’s an amazing location with so much life and color. It’s just what I needed this Winter and now I’m looking even more forward to Spring!